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  4. What are some good movies or TV shows to watch on Netflix?
  5. We have been working on a jailbreak server for the past couple days and we have reached the point where we are ready to playtest and soon launch. Here is a progress update of where we are at. We are using a lot of plugins you might be familiar with, plus some new ones which are going to hopefully add to the server in a positive way. Warden Selection Pool The warden selection pool gives everyone on CT who wants to warden a fair opportunity to. A random warden is selected from the pool. However, CT's who fail to enter the pool enough over the course of a map will be swapped back to T to give some other T's a chance to warden. Warden Menu The warden menu gives the warden tools to manage their prisoners. Team Management is currently broken but we are hoping to fix this in the coming days. Beacons These are the same beacons many of you would be familiar with, with the original sound also. Weapon Paints/Knife/Gloves plugins We are running the weapon paints, knives and gloves plugins. You will also be able to customise your nametags. LR's We have all the major LR's on the server for prisoners. Gangs We are running the gang's plugin so you can create a gang with your friends and compete with the rest of the gangs for the most CT kills. Lasers Currently free to all during testing, will likely become a VIP feature (along with laser letters once fixed). Prisoner Menu Allows you to vote out a warden, vote the warden or play other games while dead (not working yet but hopefully will be fixed very soon) Also on the server - Original round end music (you can disable with !res) - Store (yes Skeleton skin) Coming soon - Event days (Hunger Games, Hide and Seek) - Team Management (once fixed) for soccer, basketball etc. If you haven't already, join the Discord we will announce there when we are running tests.
  6. Hey Guys, I shall keep this small, as the OG Ban-Hammer people will know I ran the BH Community strong for 8 years till I decided it was time to hang up the headset and went MIA for 9 months, over the course of that time NightHawk approched me and asked me to use the BH community name, I let him know to just leave it down as it would be hard to approach a peak for a nostalgic version of BH. Its hard to have a as polished version as there was hundreds of hours put into it. So I decided to come back into the CSGO community scene for a fresh start and no expectations apart from my OCD and polish. We hope to have 1 server up within the fortnight and spread accross the CSGO community scene like before; and hope to see of OG people from past. Kind Regards, @Q4-Bi.
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