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Q4's Opening Introduction

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Hey Guys,

I shall keep this small, as the OG Ban-Hammer people will know I ran the BH Community strong for 8 years till I decided it was time to hang up the headset and went MIA for 9 months, over the course of that time NightHawk approched me and asked me to use the BH community name, I let him know to just leave it down as it would be hard to approach a peak for a nostalgic version of BH. Its hard to have a as polished version as there was hundreds of hours put into it. So I decided to come back into the CSGO community scene for a fresh start and no expectations apart from my OCD and polish. We hope to have 1 server up within the fortnight and spread accross the CSGO community scene like before; and hope to see of OG people from past.

Kind Regards,

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