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Chatper 1: Welcome to TacoNation



Afternoon Taco Squad,

As a lot of you know, I used to previously manage and operated Ban-Hammer.net server network starting off in Garry's Mod in 2011 before transitioning into CS:GO around 2014-2015. My goal for Taconation is something small and friendly, with a low number of servers across the counter-strike gamemodes. Why not at the scale that Ban-Hammer was? Because it becomes a difficult challenge managing the high quality production of all servers in the long run; we want to always ensure we always keep our top servers polished and bug free 💪.

As you guys can see we are currently building a new Trouble in Terrorist Town server and plan to have this server released within the next couple of weeks. Since I've kept the server without a password many people are coming to quickly check out the new build; I've been listening your suggestions in regards to nazi rules and shop items. I'm going to stride myself to introduce and balance as many of these changes as possible over the course of the Christmas holiday period.

Currently with the website, we've decided to disable the actual forums; there is currently no scope of the forums to be used in the future. At this point, I believe we are able to use certain tools with the Invision Core and connected with discord be able to produce the same quality with less visual context. As this is very experimental for most communities, may I ask for your patience as we work it all out.

If you would like to receive your Taco Squad role on Discord feel free to sign up to the websites with your Steam and in your profile settings link with discord, your roles will load straight away. These roles will also push to the server on map change.

Kindest Regards,
Community Manager


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