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Trouble in Terrorist Town - Information

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Server Rules

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TacoNation TTT Rules

Trouble in terrorist town involves 3 roles - Innocent, Detective and Traitor.

The main GOAL for the Innocents and Detectives is to identify and kill the Traitors in the town. The Traitors GOAL is to kill them before this happens. Innocents can do this by surviving and finding proof of who the Traitors are from Traitorous Acts. The Detectives are to use their menu and abilities to actively investigate around the town. 


S1 - Do not abuse, advertise or spam.

S2 - Do not use any 3rd party assistance to gain and in-game advantage.

S3 - This is an English only speaking server.

S4 - Do not exploit any maps glitches or bugs to gain an advantage.

S5 - Admins word is final, do not continuously argue with admins.



G1 - Players Should Always Aim to Complete the Round in a Timely Manner (At the Admins’ Discretion).

G2 - Do not ghost or metagame.

G3 - You must have an easily readable English name.

G4 - Do Not Rdm (Random Death Match - Killing Players for No Reason).

G5 - Do not claim areas.



T1 – Do not kill or damage other Traitors.

T2 – Do not snitch on other Traitors.



I1 - Do not kill other players unless they have committed a Traitorous Act(s).

I2 - Do not kill Detectives.

I3 - Avoid performing traitorous acts (Don’t Traitor bait).

I4 - Do not call random KOS



D1 - Follow all Innocent rules.

D2 - Don’t camp, search/hunt for Traitors.


Traitorous Acts

Remember you shouldn’t just kill a person for being called KOS, this is TTT, no one can be trusted. It could be a traitor KOS’ing an Innocent, find proof and assess each situation.

You are allowed to Kill/KOS a player if you see them performing any of these acts.

TA1 - Shooting at, Wounding or Killing other players for no reason.

TA2 - Using a Traitor weapon.

TA3 - Calling someone KOS without a valid reason or Calling a KOS on someone who is found to be Innocent.

TA4 - Knowingly ignoring unidentified bodies/hiding bodies in your vicinity.

TA5 - If you see someone clearly leave an area where there are unidentified bodies.

TA6 - Blocking or Following players after 2 warnings. Warnings must be clear, consecutive and have a 1 second gap between them. Warnings reset if the player stops for a reasonable time.

TA7 – When there are a small amount of players you can use a logical process of elimination. 


TTT Terminology

RDM or Revenge RDM - Killing a player(s) without a valid reason or for RDMing you.

KOS - Kill on Sight. KOS’ing someone implies they are a Traitor

Traitor Baiting – Pretending to be a Traitor as an Innocent by performing traitors’ acts.

Metagame/Ghosting - Giving information to players in an improper way. (e.g. Telling a friend who is a Traitor through an alternative communication externally).

Proven - An innocent that has proven they're innocent. (E.G. Killing A Traitor)

Traitor Weapons - A knife or any weapon bought from the Traitor /shop.  

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